Nomade - 27km

Découvrir la loire sauvage

“Nomad” Bivouac - 27km

A real bivouac for a real-life adventure.

This excursion is open to all the family, and the night spent in the open air gives it a whiff of adventure far removed from the routine of everyday life.

You will navigate this 27km-long stretch of river, far from the daily grind of troubles and stress, and seek your own campsite for the night.

Take with you: sleeping bags, tents, food and water.

No campfires in the National Park, but you can take a portable BBQ and charcoal, or a camping stove.

Warning: Do not disturb the wildlife, especially birds, which are protected by law.

You may bivouac on island beaches, but not inland from the beaches; there you will be on private property.

DANGER: NEVER bivouac or land on a sandbank in mid-stream.  It may look solid, but appearances can be very deceptive.  The visible edges of the sandbank may just be overhangs scoured out by the current underneath, which can also have formed cavities in the sandbank itself.  The sand you see may, in places, be only inches thick. 

Reception at the st-martin-de-la-place base at 16.00.

After the necessary registration formalities (hire contract and payment) you will be taken by shuttle to Chouzé-sur-Loire.

Your bivouac material will also be transported.

Quayside briefing at Chouzé, then embarkation on the Loire.

On arriving at the junction with the Vienne river, you will pass before the magnificent castle of Montsoreau.

You can set up camp for the night anywhere between Montsoreau and Saumur, depending on your progress.

Your journey will end at the heart of the Anjou-Touraine Region Nature Reserve.

Return to base between 12.00 and 12.30.

Night navigation in canoes is FORBIDDEN.

Alcohol is permitted in moderation, but CANOËS D’ANJOU will not be held responsible for its clients’ behaviour.

The bivouac in brief :


27 KM

  • approximate journey time: 20h00

  • reception at the st-martin-de-la-place base

  • reception time: 16.00


for 1 adult


for 1 child
(under 12 years old)

Tariffs include the craft, lifejackets, paddles, shuttle, briefing (and watertight lockers if available).

The corresponding “Tourisme & Loisirs” cards :

Important information

Hire Conditions

Be able to swim 25 metres – have no fear of water.
Children are accepted from 12 years old on the mono paddle
Minors must be accompanied by an adult and must be able to swim.
Children over 6 years old are accepted if accompanied by an adult, and are able to swim.

Recommended dress

Comfortable shoes, swimming costume, tee-shirt, hat, sunglasses.
If the weather is cloudy, warm clothing and a windproof top.

Our services

The price includes :

• Hire of Canoe, Kayak or SUP.
• All necessary boating equipment.
• Watertight lockers if desired.
• Shuttle transport upstream or down.
• Full pre-departure briefing.
• Map covering the area of the itinerary.

Canoës d'Anjou


If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone (+33) 06 69 41 27 04.


Yes, we will bring you back to base.  But you must be near a slipway to which our trailers can have access.  We shall give a time and place for your recuperation in function of other traffic on the Loire.  There will be no extra cost.


For all groups of 10 people or more, a deposit of 30% of the total price is requested, to be sent to our business address.

This deposit will not be banked, but will be restored to you or subtracted from your bill on your arrival here.

Full payment will be made on signing the hire contract before embarkation on the day of your reservation.

Payment may be in cash or by cheque.


Yes, we accept animals if kept on a lead.


Yes, we welcome people of reduced mobility, but specific cases may cause problems.  Please contact us beforehand.  Thank you for your understanding.

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